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Heart Tugs, Hugs & A Few Tug of Wars is a sequel to Finding Peace When Life's Manual No Longer Makes Sense, both by author Victoria Joyce.  Even though you will find this book an easier read, the author doesn't lose her uniqueness and eloquent style of writing or candor, as she touches on more of life's challenges.  You will also sense the tremendous spiritual growth that overtakes her, as she continues to seek God for guidance and answers.  She also candidly, through her humor, expresses how important self-forgiveness and letting go is.  Heart Tugs, Hugs & A Few Tug of Wars can be a 'stand-alone' read.  However, it is recommended that you read her first book in order to grasp the full impact of her journey.

Life does not fall into place easily for Victoria Joyce, nor is there a fairy tale ending or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Two more chronic disabling illnesses surface; Lyme disease and Multiple Sclerosis, leaving the author even more limited than before, facing more challenges and an even greater unpredictable future. Financial debt continues to grow, relationships do not work out, more losses and unexpected changes take place and so do more internal battles.  Yet, unlike most Christian authors, no subject is off limits for Victoria Joyce.  And as in her first book, you will find just the right amount of comic relief when needed. 


It has been said by many, that Victoria Joyce has a way of reaching deep within your heart, mind, soul and spirit, to touch you in unexpected ways that will change your life forever.  Those who know her and have read her first book, also agree, that in order to absorb even a fraction of what she has so divinely written through the guiding of the Holy Spirit, sharing her journey over two books, was the right decision.

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