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Both books are available for purchase, but our main focus is on touching lives & reaching those who are emotionally and spiritually hurting from current losses, or a wounded past.   

My ongoing mission is to reach those who are grieving, experiencing spiritual warfare, questioning their faith while experiencing unexpectant and painful obstacles in life, or anyone who has ever suffered loss and needs help moving forward.  I am someone who understands. I understand anger, fear, & anxiousness, along with feeling as though God has abandoned me. I have questioned why certain loses have occurred in my life, and why God allowed more loses to happen just as I felt I was able to lift my head above water again and breath again.  Why did I need to experience so much overwhelming gut-wrenching inner turmoil and crimpling emotional pain? Yet, I have made it to the other side. And I can tell you with confidence and proof, that forgiveness, healing, trusting in God again, along with inner peace and calmness are all possible. God is bigger and more powerful than any horrendous nightmare event you have gone through. His Grace is sufficient. His love is unconditional, overwhelming and more powerful than you could ever imagine.     Should you be visiting my web site and are unable to afford to purchase my books but feel they will help heal your hurts, please email me. On the other hand, should you have the financial resources to help support our ministry, we welcome contributions. All proceeds go towards reaching others.

Also available at:

Gifts sets & multiple copies are available directly though my website at a discount. Gift sets include:  Both books, a highlighter pen & bookmark.


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